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Portsmouth2Paris 2023 bike ride

Get ready to buckle up and pedal your excitement into high gear because the one and only Gethin Jones rocked the airwaves today on Express FM radio! He's not just spinning records; he's on a mission to conquer a massive 184-mile bike ride for an amazing cause called Flying Solo. 🚴‍♂️🎉

And guess what? Flying Solo isn't just any charity; they're all about supporting care leavers, those fantastic young souls who need a helping hand to fly high and strong! 🦸‍♀️💪

So, put on your superhero cape and get ready to make a difference! Gethin's riding like a champ, but he can't do it alone. Tune in, turn up the volume, and let's join forces to back this fantastic journey! 📻🔊

Whether you want to show your support through donations, volunteering, or just spreading the word, there's a place for everyone in this adventure! Let's pedal our hearts out for Gethin, Flying Solo, and all the care leavers out there who deserve the brightest future! 🌟🌈

Stay tuned to Express FM for more updates on this thrilling ride, and let's make this fundraiser one for the record books! Together, we'll go the extra mile and make a difference that truly counts! 🌟💖🚀

Please donate click link below

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