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Care leavers' lockdown support package launched

Entering another lockdown will be tough on everyone, but many of the support networks that people would normally access often do not exist for care leavers.

We're proud to have acted quickly and launch three crucial pieces of support for care leavers.

1. Text helpline

Every now and then, talking to someone about an issue or something you're struggling with can help solve the issue.

We're proud to be launching our text helpline which will give care leavers the chance to build a relationship or have a one-off chat, with a trained volunteer - who is likely to be another care leaver.

You can find the text helpline page here.

2. Weekly drop-in session

Meeting with your friends and family will be the first thing to suffer under the lockdown rules. Here at Flying Solo, we know the importance of socialising and meeting other people. Each week we will be hosting a drop-in session over Zoom to help tackle the isolation of lockdown. The sessions will be:

Wednesday 11th November at 3pm

Wednesday 18th November at 3pm

Wednesday 25th November at 3pm

Wednesday 2nd December at 3pm

To register for the Zoom drop-in session, please text your name, date of birth, email, and address to 07476 552 804.

3. Additional support

We can offer support in many other ways, for example providing activity packs, access to films, toys, or food parcels to people who need it. We know what you need will be individual to you, so please get in touch and we can talk about how we can help. Please text us on 07476 552 804 or by emailing

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